We should always pray for our government leaders and respect an individual’s political views. We therefore urge our members not to engage in any political activities or share your personal political views in church and cell groups so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts or confrontation.
This is the way every Christian blessed and duty (Malachi 3:10); if not a Christian, you may not tithe; we sincerely welcome you to become the children of the LORD as soon as possible, in tithe blessed.
推銷Business:我們尊重基金、保險、理財、直銷等職場從業人員,他們可以在初入教會及小組時,簡單介紹自己的職業,但不宜主動或強力向組員推銷,若兄姊有需要,再自願性地向他們詢問或購買。We respect our members in the marketplace who are involved in investments, insurance, financial planning, etc. While they can introduce what they do during church or cell group, please refrain from active and persistent marketing to other members. If any brother or sister has a need, let them take the initiative to require from you.
We encourage our members to willingly provide help and support when they see other brothers and sisters in need of food and clothes. Please let your cell group leaders or pastors know to provide coverage and accountability if loans or money is involved.
互助會Mutual Association:若有會友起會或跟會,純屬個人行為,請勿在教會及小組中主動邀人加入互助會。
If any of our members start or belong to an association, it is purely on a personal basis. Please refrain from inviting other members to join the association in church or during cell groups
From Pastor/牧者的话

Dear Friend,  各位朋友,您好!

Let me welcome you on behave of River of Life Christian Church in NY! If you have not found a spiritual home yet, our church might be a good choice for your consideration. 

We are not perfect though, the brothers and sisters in our church are willing to do their best to live out the teachings of the Holy Bible. If God leads you to attend our church, we welcome you to work with us to build a “Glorious Church”. 

May you enjoy good health of body and soul in the Lord!   敬祈  主内身灵永康!

Rev. Ruth Lin 林郁华牧师

Psalm 78:32-39
Even though God showed His anger, the Israelites kept on sinning, and in spite of His wonders, they did not believe. They sought Him and remembered that God is their Rock only when He slew them. Their hearts were not loyal to Him, and they were not faithful to His covenant. Yet He was merciful and did not destroy them.